Chicago Office (Headquarters)

Jim Anixter


Founded AZ Wire and Cable
Email Jim
Fax: 224-425-4666

Darren Anixter

Vice President

Email Darren
Phone: 224-425-4634
Fax: 224-425-4674

Todd Anixter

Vice President

Email Todd
Phone: 224-425-4633
Fax: 224-425-4673

Eric Anixter

Vice President

Email Eric
Phone: 224-425-4637
Fax: 224-425-4677

Steve Rosenberg

VP National Sales

Email Steve
Phone: 224-425-4639Ω
Fax: 224-425-4679


Bernie Rosenblum

VP Outside Sales

Bernie has been in the industry for 53 years and with AZ for the last 8.
Email Bernie
Phone: 224-425-4640
Fax: 224-425-4680

Jeff Nault

Inside Sales

Email Jeff
Phone: 224-425-4628
Fax: 224-425-4668

Liz Bandera

Inside Sales

Email Liz
Phone: 224-425-4629
Fax: 224-445-4682

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Northbrook, IL

A-Z Wire and Cable
3651 Commercial Avenue
Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: 847-291-9009
Toll Free: 800-451-7292
Fax: 847-291-9466


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