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Industrial environments require cables that will withstand harsh conditions to provide reliable power & signal integrity. These environments include a wide range of industries including steel, pulp & paper, manufacturing, energy, agriculture, transportation & more. Industrial cable will be subject to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, abrasion, sunlight, flexibility requirements & physical abuse. Cable types often specified in these applications include Type W, Type G, GG-C, Welding Cable, DLO, CCW, SRML, TGGT, MG, VFD, MPF-GC, SHD-GC, Industrial Automation & Factory Floor Cable.

Commercial markets require cables of various constructions designed to provide power & signal for commercial construction. These cables power alarm systems, a range of devices including telecommunication devices & audio/visual equipment. Distribution cables provide power from the grid to commercial construction applications through power cables. Cable types often specified in these applications include THHN, Type MC, FPLR, FPLP, Category Cable & XHHW.

Residential markets require cables to supply power & signal to residential applications. These applications can use both copper & aluminum constructions while meeting residential code requirements of the application. Cable used in these applications included NM-B, SER, SEU, MHF, Landscape Lighting & even Submersible Pump Cable in well applications.

Utility markets require cables for power transmission & signal transmission to support utility purposes. These cables require both higher voltage & harsh environment application requirements. Cables used in utility applications can be copper or aluminum conductor with a variety of insulations. Cable types specified in these applications include ACSR, AAC, Quadraplex, Triplex, MV-105, XHHW, XLP-USE & Bare Copper.

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